General Info

We require at least six people for a free boot-fitting, wherever you want us to show up. If you have less than six, but still want to party, we charge a one-time $150 booking fee ($100 will be refunded with purchase of boots).

We won’t have boots for them (hey, we’re not psychic), but if you’re cool with it, they can try yours on, and if you don't want them, they can buy them. Or they order their own pair online.

No. Life is a series of decisions and you must live with the consequences. Just kidding. Of course. If you want the pair your friend tried on, no problemo. We’ll ship them to you the next day.

Yep. We can ship the boots the next day or whenever you need us to.

We will show up wherever you want us to! Preferably not dark alleys, though.

Life happens. Just means more booze for the rest of us. For parties under six, there is a one-time booking fee of $150, but as soon as anyone in the party buys boots, we refund $100 back to you.

Unlimited! For parties over 15 people, give us a call at (512) 619-7000 for your booking.

48 hours.

More Stuff

Oh yeah. Our boots and Boot Parties are for all walks.

Nope. We think you’ll love our boots, but there’s nothing fun about obligation.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Just wear something.

It is. As an add-on, we can brand your boots however you want us to, at the party.

Isn’t the future fun?

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