Boot fittings anywhere

kick your feet up, we'll come to you

We want to provide the best customer experience in all of footwear. Because if you can’t have fun trying on boots, you’re doing it wrong. We will literally drive a van-full of boots to you for a personal boot-fitting, wherever you are. Your couch? Cool. Work, no problemo. Got a favorite park bench? Drop us a pin.

We want you to feel comfortable trying on our boots, and pulling them off. We’ll bring a few sizes and styles of your choice, for you (and whoever else may be joining) to find the perfect pair, and answer all your boot-wearin’ questions with trusted expertise.


The Reviews are in:

"Our Boot Party was a huge success! Alvies arrived timely with all the boots (for 12 people) and they were set up and ready to start fitting as soon as we started to arrive. Everything was timely, not rushed, and they took care of everyone individually like they were the only one there. Two days post-party and everyone is wearing their boots into the office and still reflecting on the fun event. I've never received as many kudos at previous events I've planned."

"I highly recommend using Alvies Boot Party for any event including companies and friends' gatherings. Thank you, Alvies!!"

- Stephanie Martin

Choose Your Boot Party:

Party of 1 (just you)
It's kinda like the Uber of boots, with a personalized boot fitter that knows everything there is to know about boots, fit, and a good experience. One-time $50 delivery fee.

BFF aka - Boot Fitting Friend - (2 people)

This could be a couple, roommates, a best bud, a first date, or you and your Mom. Whose eye do you trust most? One-time $50 delivery fee.

Boot Pachanga (3-5 people)

Perfect for a few friends, groomsmen, family gift buying, and hippie communes. One-time $50 delivery fee.

Bootenanny (5-15 people)

We can come to your Christmas party, fantasy draft, happy hour, surprise party. And it’s FREE.

Boot-Spree (Corporate events, 15+ people parties)

What better way to celebrate with the folks who walk the walk with you? We can accommodate all sizes of companies — from mom & pops and start-ups to inter-galactic tech companies.

It’s a simple two-step process (obviously)

Book it

Follow the link below and we’ll have you fill in some pretty basic form-fields — name, address, where to park the van, you know, the important stuff. (And don’t worry, this is the last time you’ll associate Alvies with paperwork.)

Show up

It really is that easy. We tried to make it simpler, but two-steps was the best we could do. Honestly, we just wanna get to the part where we all have a good time.